February 11, 2023

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October 14, 2019


Who’s ready?

This past year, I decided that I would test myself as an artist and certainly as a producer by writing and producing an EP that I lovingly titled "Lost." I began the EP with some simple chords and synthesized drum beats and I started, as any other musician may find, to think that I was going to make something that people would automatically love.

In the process of writing new music, I started to see all of the small folds and intricacies within the process of writing and producing your own songs. The mixing, the sound design, the "it" factor that a song needs to have to be both catchy and relatable. Much like the process of learning any other new skill, there were days where I felt like I could never make something that sounded as beautiful coming through a set of speakers as it did playing inside my head. Every day I would sit and make tweaks and edits and go through countless iterations of the same song, taking every second the record into account to truly make it mine. 

Now, a year later, I feel that I've reached a point where I am comfortable and, as I'm sure goes without saying, extraordinarily proud to share the music that I have synthesized all of these minute skills to make. I released my first single titled "IDLMIL" on Spotify to a very warm and humbling reception from people across the spectrum of musical tastes. “Chemistry” was released on October 4th and the support for that track absolutely blew me away.

Now, the next step is the full thing. This is the single most important undertaking in my music career. I’m taking an EP that I built from the ground up and releasing to the public and I could. not. be. more. EXCITED. I’m proud to announce that the “Lost” EP will be dropping on October 25th. Can’t wait to show you the rest of what I’ve worked to create. Thanks for listening.

Link to LOST EP


October 12, 2019

"Somehow, “Chemistry” feels like the definition of all whats happening between humans on a sub-level. I don’t know exactly why that is, maybe it’s these quiet, slow and detailed vocals, never accusing but determined, maybe it’s the roomy effects with those ultra-reverbed vocal one-shots, or the fact that the synth along the guitars paints an awesome picture in my head, this song is just something to feel."

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Chemistry Review


October 4th, 2019

The release of Chemistry is a new milestone and a giant step towards the finish line for the "Lost" EP. Chemistry is a dark and sultry track that is centered around lush, slow-evolving synth and reverbed-out vocal shouts. Chemistry tells the story of lovers that are destined to fall in love, but afraid of being the one to fall first. As the song grows and evolves, (and it does evolve continuously throughout the 2:54 runtime) the song becomes more and more chaotic to reflect the chaotic nature of falling harder and harder in love.

Chemistry Album Art


September 15, 2019

Today marks the beginning of a refreshing new era of Kyle Jordan's music career. Today, IDLMIL was released to the public. Initial reactions have been extraordinarily positive with several outlets including it in playlists and blog posts. IDLMIL is a dance-able alt-pop production. With a driving drum loop and an instantly recognizable piano melody, IDLMIL is a feel-good song to close out the summer season. Overall, the release has been a success as it marks the culmination of a great deal of personal growth for Kyle as an artist. After a full year of tweaking new material and honing the craft of songwriting, production, mixing and marketing music, Kyle Jordan is ready to take the next step in his music career.


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